How it Works

The Cash Rebate Mall is the most innovative and valuable shopping benefit ever developed, providing users with the highest rebates available, issued as a reward for shopping at 100's of available major merchants and other providers. Shopping will never be the same with this simple to use program that allows users to earn up to $3,000 per year in rebates, while taking advantage of additional special offers, coupons and other discounts that are updated as often as daily to save money on their purchases while earning rebates. The actual amount that may be earned per Rebate Certificate is clearly listed within the Rebate Certificate or initial fulfillment piece that you received and that you have chosen to activate and use. Rebate Certificate denominations vary from $50 up to $3,000.

Every purchase you make at your choice of available online retailers and other providers will earn you a valuable cash rebate that is accumulated until a minimum of $25 in total rebates is earned. At that point or anytime thereafter during your access to this exceptional rebate program you may elect to have your earned rebates sent to you in the form of a Prepaid Visa Card, without any surcharges or costs.

There are other rebate programs available, however, they all to some degree split the earned commissions paid by the available merchants for purchases with the users. Therefore only part of that commission or money paid is actually given to the user that made the purchase. In other cases, many programs award points or gifts for the earned rebate and not actual money. With this rebate program, the entire rebate amount that is clearly listed for each merchant is paid in full to the user as a rebate.

Earning the highest cash rebates available when purchasing your favorite products and services from the major merchants that you most likely already shop with is only one important part of this unique program. Users will also be able to save money, while earning their rebates, when shopping with access to Daily Deal Codes, Special Offers, coupons and more that are updated as often as every day. This shopping savings benefit that is part of the Cash Rebate Mall helps to ensure users are getting the most for their money. You might be able to save money on almost every purchase your make, while earning your valuable rebates.

Simply redeem and activate your Cash Rebate Mall Access Certificate by following the simple instructions listed on the back of your Certificate or other fulfillment piece, or by following the steps listed below. Within minutes you will be able to have your 'Rebate Account' setup and you could be shopping at your choice of available merchants, earning valuable cash rebates on each and every purchase you make through this Cash Rebate Mall.

This is without a doubt the best premium incentive or reward and is the very best shopping benefit that should not be wasted by any person fortunate enough to have received access to this program that is NOT AVAILABLE to the general public. Only through select benefit programs, membership organizations, employee groups and associations are users/members able to receive this program that can provide valuable rebates up to the face value amount of their Rebate Certificate that they have been issued.

STEP 1 - Activate And Setup Your Rebate Account
Activate your Cash Rebate Mall Access Certificate by simply clicking on the 'ACTIVATE' button located in the 'Certificate Activation' box on this website. You will be prompted to enter your assigned 5-digit PIN Number followed by the Account Setup which will require you to enter the requested information, including your assigned Rebate Account number and the choosing of a Password that will allow you to enter the Cash Rebate Mall as often as you would like for an entire year or until you have earned all of your available rebates.

STEP 2 - Enter The Online Mall
After you have activated your Certificate and completed your account setup, you will be able to return to this website and simply enter the assigned Account Number and Password you chose during your Account Setup where prompted in the 'Returning Users' box. You will have unlimited access for one full year.

STEP 3 - Review Available Special Offers
Upon entering the Cash Rebate Mall, you will be able to easily browse the available online merchants and other providers conveniently listed by category. After reviewing the available Rebate Tips Guide located within this website after you login, your first categories to visit should be the 'Special Offers' and 'Daily Deal Codes' which are updated frequently with great discounts, coupons and other offers from leading merchants.

STEP 4 - Shop, Shop and Shop
Start shopping at any of the available merchants by clicking on the 'Visit Merchant' button located on the details page of each of the listed merchants. You can easily view the available rebate amount for each merchant, listed in the form of a percent of the total purchase made, less applicable taxes and shipping costs. Remember, in order to earn your stated rebates all purchases must be made by visiting the merchants only through the links provided on this website.

STEP 5 - Get Your Rebates
Accumulate your rebates until a minimum of $25 has been earned. At anytime thereafter you may request that your earned rebates be loaded on to a Prepaid Visa Card and sent directly to you by U.S. Mail without any costs or surcharges. After your first rebate payout request has been fulfilled by the issuance of your Prepaid Visa Card, you may request additional earned rebates after you have earned at least another $25 in rebates and you still haven't reached your maximum rebate amount that you can earn, as stated on your certificate or other fulfillment piece.


First, check the available Special Offers and Daily Deal Codes which are updated as often as daily. For the purposes of this example, we will assume you located one of particular interest, such as $20 off any purchase of $100 or more from Macy's. Using that special offer, you purchase your favorite items from the Macy's website, saving $20 on your order at the same time and earning the listed rebate payout for that merchant which is a 9.5% rebate on your entire purchase, less any taxes and shipping costs or other such fees which do not qualify to earn the stated rebates.

  • Online order - $100
  • Coupon Savings - $20
  • 9.5% Rebate earned - $9.50
  • Total in Savings & Rebate = $29.50

Imagine doing this whenever you might need to shop for gifts or for most items that you and your family might need. Nothing could be as simple and rewarding!

If you shop at your favorite merchants and retailers, through this simple to use program that features hundreds of available online merchants, you can easily save money on many, if not all of your purchases AND earn valuable rebates that you can manage through the 'My Rebate Account' section where you can request a payout of your available Rebate Funds with only a few clicks. See the 'My Rebate Account' section for additional details and instructions.