Earn Rebates

The Cash Rebate Mall provides users with the unique opportunity to earn the very highest rebate payouts available for purchases made at hundreds of major online retailers and other merchant providers.

Imagine being able to earn up to 35% of the total purchase in the form of a rebate when getting the products and services that you want, even from leading brand providers that you most likely already shop at.

Every purchase you make at your choice of available online retailers and other providers will earn you a valuable cash rebate that is accumulated until a minimum of $25 in total rebates is earned. At that point or anytime thereafter during your access to this exceptional rebate program you may elect to have your earned rebates sent to you in the form of a Prepaid Visa Card, without any surcharges.


Simply browse through the listed merchant categories to the left to view the available merchants within each specific category where you can shop and earn valuable rebates. The specific rebate amount does vary by merchant and is clearly listed next to each merchant listing.

Please note that the rebates you have earned will be added to your Rebate Account for each purchase you make as long as you visit the merchant, prior to shopping, by clicking the 'Visit Merchant' button located on the merchant details page for every merchant listed throughout this website. It is critical that you use this website to click over to the merchant you want to shop at to ensure that proper tracking can take place and that you receive the proper rebates for your purchases.

The more you shop, the more you earn. Imagine earning valuable rebates that you can turn into CASH when you shop for gifts for just about everyone. Nobody will even know that you are getting cash back when you shop for them, even if you are using money saving coupons or taking advantage of other valuable discounts. This program can change the way you shop for gifts as well as for you and your family by allowing you to get more for less, while earning valuable rebates.


Get your earned rebates loaded onto a Prepaid Visa Card as the simplest and most convenient way to receive the rebates that you have earned while shopping at the available merchants listed within this Cash Rebate Mall and that have been credited to your account. Any such rebates that are listed as 'Available' can be withdrawn by requesting that those funds be loaded onto a Prepaid Visa Card that is mailed to you after completing a simple online Payout Request Form that is located in the 'My Rebate Account' section as part of this Cash Rebate shopping program.

You may request at anytime that your Available Funds, which are shown in the 'My Rebate Account' section, be loaded on to the Prepaid Visa Card and mailed out to you as long as you have not already earned and received the specified annual limit of rebates under this program that was listed on your Rebate Certificate or other fulfillment piece you intially received, and you have not received your maximum of one payout for the current calendar month, since there is a one Payout Request limit per month, even if you have Available Funds in your Rebate Account.

You can learn more about the difference between 'Pending' and 'Available Funds' in your Rebate Account by viewing the additional information regarding this topic that is listed in the 'My Rebate Account' section.

Simply click the 'My Rebate Account' located on the top navigation of this website to view your Available and Pending Funds and request to have your earned rebates loaded onto a Prepaid Visa Card issued through the Cash Rebate Mall, by completing a Payout Request.

As soon as your rebates are shown as Available, in the 'My Rebate Account' section, you will be able to request the amount of money you want, up to your specified limit, and no more than what is listed as Available and that requested amount will be loaded on to a Prepaid Visa Card and sent by U.S. Mail to you for you to use anywhere Visa is accepted.

Due to the extreme popularity and value of this program, users are able to earn and receive up to the face value amount listed on the actual Rebate Certificate or other fulfillment piece that has been redeemed within a 12 month period. In all cases, no more than $3,000 in earned rebates may be earned by any household, within 12 months or first activating your account, regardless of the number of actual users or the face value amount of the Rebate Certificate(s) being used.

It is important to review the 'How It Works', 'FAQs' and 'Terms & Conditions' to learn more about this program.

*Your maximum amount is listed on your initial fulfillment piece.


Once you elect to have your earned rebates loaded onto the available Prepaid Visa Card that is included as part of this program, you will then have immediate access to these funds when you receive your requested Rebate Payout in the mail by either shopping at any merchant, vendor or other provider where Visa is accepted or you may actually get cash by going to a convenient ATM location and withdrawing cash using your Prepaid Visa Card, as instructed.

The use of a Prepaid Visa Card to earn and spend your available rebates is the ideal method for ensuring that our valued users get access to their rebates as fast as possible and can spend that money where they want and when they want ... even getting cash at their convenience. It's your money after all, so spend it and get what you want.


Click on any of the listed Merchant Categories located on the left navigation to view the available merchants for that category. Simply select one of those merchants and click on LEARN MORE to view the specified merchant details page where you would then click the icon to 'Visit Merchant' that will take you to the actual merchants website where you will be able to shop and earn the specified rebate amount on your purchase.

Example Purchase:
- Purchase clothes for $200 from listed merchant.
- Receive 10% rebate. (Actual % varies by merchant)
- You earn $20 as a rebate that can be loaded onto a Prepaid Visa Card and sent to you when you request a Rebate Payout.

If you used a coupon, special offer or Daily Deal Code from the available sections that are updated daily, you could have saved money on your purchase, even while earning your rebate. Only earned rebates that are designated as Available may be requested and sent to you as a Rebate Payout.