About Us

Cash Rebate Mall is the developer and manager of this rebate program and other rebate, incentive and benefit related solutions that feature affiliate marketing programs from leading online merchants and other providers.

This redemption and fulfillment website features a simple to use online mall with hundreds of available online merchants and other providers that is used in conjunction with The Cash Rebate Program that is the very best of the best, offering the highest available rebates, payable in the form of earned cash being loaded onto a Prepaid Visa Card. On average, the listed rebate amounts are as much as double, if not more, what is paid by similar rebate programs offered by other providers. The listed rebates are so high that this program is not open to the general public and can only be used by individuals that are part of select member and employee groups, as well as select incentive offers from approved companies.

Cash Rebate Mall is owned and operated by Exclusive Incentive Marketing Inc., with access to unprecedented resources and services from other affiliated companies. Due to this unique structure, the Cash Rebate Mall is able to operate without needing to use any part of the stated rebates offered by each merchant as part of their affiliate marketing program, thus allowing the entire stated rebate amount to be passed through and paid to each user that earned the rebate by making the required purchase(s). All associated costs and expenses associated with the implementation and management of this program is paid for by the association, member group or other organization that has elected to use this program for their employees, members or other recipients.

Instead of keeping all the commissions paid by a merchant for a users purchase, or even sharing it with the purchaser, like most shopping sites do, we give it ALL to our users!